A Chiropractor New Britain Trusts

Chiropractors are people who use treatments such as hands-on spinal manipulation, as well as other forms of alternative treatments, to heal the body without any need of surgery or other kinds of medication. The theory behind what they do is that the body will heal itself if there is a proper musculoskeletal structure alignment, with the accent being placed on the spine. So, regardless of whether it’s a New Britain, PA chiropractor, or any other one, let’s take a look at what it involves, as well as some of the benefits and even potential risks.

What will a New Britain chiropractor do?

A chiropractor will need your medical history. After taking a look, they will perform a physical examination. This should tell them if their treatment methods are suitable for your problems. And, if necessary, they may turn to diagnostic imaging or lab tests.

They work with sudden, yet a highly controlled force. This force will improve the motion’s quality and range because it manipulates the joints. This usually works for people who have back pain. To further help their patients, some chiropractors also choose to incorporate exercise and/or nutritional counseling. Their goal? To restore function, and prevent further injuries.

Chiropractic manipulation is actually more than just popping joints. There is often an audible pop that confirms that the manipulation is successful. However, even if that doesn’t happen, it may help. The benefits are the same, regardless of whether you hear the pop, or not. But, if a chiropractor doesn’t hear it, yet proceeds to get it repeatedly, they may do more harm than good.

What kind of benefits does chiropractic care come with?

Chiropractic care, generally spinal manipulation, is thought of as an extremely effective, yet safe treatment. It works best for acute pain. Acute pain, unlike chronic pain, is usually a consequence of sudden injury. Chronic pain won’t go away if untreated, but acute pain tends to decrease over time. There are therapies with sugar water or anesthetic injections which may help with that as well, though.

First of all, the obvious. You get a huge stress relief. When the skeletal and muscular systems aren’t positioned properly, you will most likely feel like your whole body is out of line. This causes a physical, and a mental stress on your body. Tension will go away when things balance themselves.

Posture is also improved. This doesn’t happen overnight and requires regular adjustments. It is usually most noticeable, and most beneficial when your neck’s curve is discussed. Regular chiropractic care helps with this and lets you stand taller and stronger.

Your mood and your immune system will get some benefits too. Your body’s entire system, including the chemistry, is balanced. Individuals with things such as depression and ADHD have seen notable benefits with regular chiropractic care.

And, last but not least, you will also get a noticeable improvement in your sleep. Many sleep problems are actually related to stress, pain, and body aches. When you take care of these issues, you will find that your sleep quality is improved, and you get more rest every night.

Even though the back is the main reason people visit them, chiropractors also help with other issues. For example, neck pain, or headaches, are things that a chiropractor can help you with. There are also problems such as fibromyalgia, which is a situation where the chiropractor’s moderate pressure helps as well.

What you should do before seeing a chiropractor

First of all, you can’t just visit anyone. Find a good chiropractor, and meet with him. You should discuss their philosophy of treatment, and see what possible side effects there are. A good thing to do would also be to get a referral from a relative or a doctor.

Next, you should know that many doctors will recommend that you avoid neck manipulations. The risk being they can rupture an artery, and this may lead to a stroke. And, make sure that you really need a chiropractor. Sometimes the symptoms may require that you go to an ER room instead. For example, if your headache developed rather quickly, and you have odd sensations in your face, this may very well be symptoms of the early onset of a stroke.

Last but not least, if you’re going for neck issues, consider an osteopath. They are fully licensed physicians, and they have training in the musculoskeletal system. They might have an edge over chiropractors in this specific situation.


All in all, a chiropractor, and regular chiropractic care are things you should definitely consider if you’re having problems. However, make sure you do your research, regardless of whether you need a New Britain, PA chiropractor, or any other for that matter.